"The planet's language is movement"

— Emilie Conrad


How do you want to experience the world?


HomeBody Empowers You

HomeBody offers customized movement coaching in dynamic body alignment, strength training, and self-care techniques that empower movers to make informed movement choices in every moment.

The practice utilizes somatic methods which raise awareness of movement habits. Through conscious practice, we can expand the body's understanding of itself, broaden movement choices, and cultivate lasting wellness.

By following the lead of your own body wisdom, you will gain insight on how best to tend to yourself on and off the mat, allowing the body to heal itself.

Movement is your tool. The body is your guide. Wellbeing is the path.


HomeBody Redefines Fitness

HomeBody blends a rich combination of experience-based learning and deep listening that bridges the gap between fitness and wellness. HomeBody reimagines fitness as a way to shape a truly versatile and resilient body.

It uses the movement forms of pilates, yoga, dance and Body-Mind Centering to access whole-body expression, while upholding the accuracy and specificity valued in physical therapy.


Fitness — as a form of wellness — happens through the ongoing conversation between internal and external movement choices. When we become attuned to this conversation, the body is free to respond authentically and in the moment, rather than habitually and without awareness.


HomeBody Guides You Home

HomeBody is a belief that when we come home to our bodies, we become attuned to our own perfection; we become connected inward to our cores and outward to our desires, relationships and environments. 

The physical body is the primary source of home — our anchor, our point of orientation.  By beginning with home, we discover what roots us in order to help us grow.

How well we tend our bodies will reflect our level of comfort, stability, and confidence.  How well we engage our bodies reflects our ability to engage the world.