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I began working with Amy over four years ago. I was seeking her help with an arthritic hip that had already lost a great deal of mobility and hampered my ability to walk. The first thing I understood about Amy was how graceful she was in body – she is a dancer in every way – and spirit. Amy’s attuned and perceptive work with me has strengthened my body, restored some of my mobility, and kept my hip healthier for much longer than might have otherwise been the case. The gift of seeing Amy each week can’t be overstated. In my hectic, typical New York City life, Amy is a gentle, incisive, brilliant light and a peaceful oasis. I aspire to be her student for a long time to come.
— Mary-Beth Hughes, novelist

I struggled with chronic pain for years before finally finding Amy. I’d been to many doctors and physical therapists and nothing quite worked. Amy got to know my body’s specific quirks, and tailored our practice to address these issues. After working with her, I’m so happy to report that I have never felt better. She has changed my body - and my life - and I’m so thankful to continue to practice with her.
— Gary Culig, actor

I worked with Amy weekly for about a year after being referred to her by another Pilates instructor who I had been working with. I have very pronounced diastasis and all the problems that come with that, after 3 pregnancies, 3 Caesarean births, and years of a very extensive yoga practice. I had tried many other ways to heal, but was still feeling weak and uncomfortable in my own body. Amy really listened to my issues and developed a tailored plan for me to work with her both in and outside the studio, both to heal the diastasis itself and to regain strength and mobility throughout my entire body. Amy’s approach is holistic in the true sense of the word; she unites mind and body, and helps clients to see their bodies as one cohesive unit in which all parts beautifully synchronize as we become stronger and more complete. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Amy to friends and acquaintances seeking this kind of approach to their wellness; in addition to her expertise across healing modalities, Amy really listens, is flexible and creative in her approach, and brings humor and kindness to her work. She is dedicated to supporting whole-body wellness in all her clients, and working with her has been a pleasure.
— Renanit L., small business owner and mom to 3

Amy Baumgarten and her teaching style are the real deal. She is supportive and not afraid to experiment to get the best results for her clients. I’m so honored to call her my teacher and my friend!
— Michelle Yard, professional dancer and Pilates instructor

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Amy for about two and a half years. Though I had some prior experience taking pilates mat classes, Amy’s deep expertise and generous teaching style illuminated pilates and body alignment in profound new ways for me. Most recently, Amy has guided me through pregnancy, giving me the tools not only to cope with the changes in my body through my second and third trimesters, but also thinking ahead to labor, birth, and postpartum. Her understanding and appreciation of the human body is subtle and vast–I’ve come away from our work together with a better understanding not only of how my body is put together, but of the ways I can create shifts in it through movement and awareness. Amy is a well of knowledge and gentle support, I can’t recommend her sessions enough.
— Frances, 33, photographer

In 2014 when I began working with Amy, I was a typical bride-to-be hoping to look great in my wedding dress. I didn’t realizew how much more deeply transformative our work could be. Nearly four years later, my sessions with Amy have become a treasured part of my week. She challenges my body — I could see the difference in those wedding photos — but even better, she has helped me become aware, for the first time in my life, of the deep connections between my mind and my physicality: how and where I hold stress, how to balance my posture and gait, and how to use breath to effectively engage my muscles. When I found out I was pregnant, Amy was the second person I told (right after my husband). We had sessions all the way through week 40 of my pregnancy, and the work we did to build core strength, to stretch, and to relax were invaluable during a 32-hour labor and delivery. During the pushing part of my labor, I was actually using all the ab skills Amy had taught me! Now, our postpartum sessions are helping me regain strength and are a special time to focus on myself, after a hard week of taking care of a newborn. I’d recommend Amy to anyone looking to move and challenge their body in a new way.
— Dana Goldstein, journalist, author, mother

I’ve had a chronic back problem and an arthritic hip for about ten years. Mostly, I ignored it. However, the problem became acute and unignorable about five years ago. I suffered three or four weeks-long bouts of being almost completely unable to move. Finally, I went to a PT for a couple of months. She “unlocked” my back (SI joint). Subsequent weekly sessions with Amy uncovered and unraveled underlying causes of the problem, and strengthened my body to such an extent that I no longer suffer from any form of debilitating pain. I now walk and participate in life without pain! More than the absence of pain, I feel affirmatively GOOD.

I recently retired and moved from doing Pilates once per week to twice per week. I can attest to the fact that twice a week sessions are about THREE times as good as once a week sessions. I feel stronger, more flexible, and less fearful of a recurrence of my chronic back problem. Thank you, Amy!
— Dorothy Siegel, Retired NYU Policy Analyst

Fifteen months postpartum, I realized (despite my general exhaustion and desperate need for self care) that I really, really needed help regaining strength in my pelvic floor and inner thighs. Every time I sneezed, I was reminded of this need! My feet have always had the tendency to pronate and my stomach to pooch out — pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery exacerbated these tendencies. Amy was referred to me by a dear friend and body worker who I trust completely so I decided to give her a try. After our first session, I committed myself to see Amy once a week for six months as my first big act of self-love post-baby.

Six months turned into three years and when we moved out of NYC, Amy was one of the people I was most sad to leave behind! In our time working together, Amy served as a gentle, wise and extremely intuitive guide for me to get back into my body. She helped me integrate all the changes it had gone through and strengthen myself in a way I never thought possible. It wasn’t about doing thousands of crunches - quite the opposite! Sometimes we barely “did exercises” at all, and yet I’d leave every session feeling clearer and more connected to my body than I had before. Plus, it supported all my other activities - running, biking, swimming, yoga, etc. - Amy’s voice would be with me as I did it all! It was wonderful in every way and I continue to reap the benefits of the investment I made in my health and wellbeing by working with Amy.

For me, the quality of Amy’s feedback and her amazing ability to support those she works with stem from her attention to detail and her deep understanding of how bodies move. She was so in tune with me, as an individual, and so respectful of my body’s capabilities and limitations. It was pure joy working with Amy and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in deep, real health.
— Isabelle (mother/lawyer/mediator and former New Yorker)

I have diastisis after two pregnancies and was looking for a post-partum class to help close the separation. I luckily found Amy and now I’m in good hands! Amy is truly passionate about the body, movement training, and pre and post natal women’s care. She has extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, and a lot of experience with various types of movement from dance, to yoga and pilates. Amy is serious about the work she does but also joyful and light-hearted. After a long day of work, it is always a pleasure to be in her class!
— Melissa, mother of 2 energetic boys

"Amy and her teaching style are the real deal."