About Amy


Hi, my name is Amy.

I’m a holistic movement coach. I blend the platforms of pilates, yoga, and Body Mind Centering® into private and group sessions focused on deep healing and nourishing movement.

My clients learn to take control of their physical wellbeing by cultivating body awareness and holistic strength that bridges the gap between physical therapy and regular fitness.

I specialize in holistic solutions for prenatal & postpartum care, along with injury recovery and pre- & post-operative support.

I create movement experiences to help you find more freedom and less pain.


I consider the body's language to be movement. I work with that language to decipher the body's underlying needs for the reduction of pain & injury. Together, we identify movement patterns that hinder, stress or limit your body's natural desire to connect and be connected.


By freeing your movement options, you strengthen your awareness and ultimately align and integrate your entire being. 



No matter the body, each one has some healing to do. As we work together, we will uncover what your body holds, what it can release, and what it can transform.

I believe the healing journey begins at home, within your unique form.

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Amy has been dancing for close to 30 years. Her understanding of the moving body stems from her personal experience with injury and holistic recovery that began in her teenage years. Amy allows her intuition to help guide her nuanced approach to integrative strength training.

Amy's ten years of teaching holistic movement fundamentals is founded on the following accreditations: 

  • Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Maha Mama

  • Embodied Anatomy & Yoga, School for Body Mind Centering

  • Comprehensive Pilates, 500-hour, Balanced Body University

  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance Performance, University of Maryland, Baltimore County.