The Journey

To know the body is, indeed, a Journey — nothing is so easily understood or quickly fixed.

You, who seeks to know the secrets the body holds, whose quest to know herself deeper guides her wellness choices, whose need to engage fully with Life drives his physical impulses:

I will hold space for you. I will challenge you to move with intention and awareness. 

I will bring my enduring presence, anatomic knowledge, trained eye, curiosity, and openness to our every encounter. 

I will not — cannot — fix you. The Journey is not done to you, but in communion with your body-mind wisdom. As your guide, I will help you build a dialogue between you and your body. Together, we will learn what your body holds: its memories, its affinities, the seeds of its own healing. Things that aren't always clear from an X-ray or blood test.

You need bring only who you are in the moment. Because that, too, is the Journey — listening to the moment, with all its beauty and all its disappointment. Our work is simply to hold space for that information to rise to your awareness. The body does the rest.

Bring your curiosity, patience, concentration, commitment, trust, and considerate feedback.

Be willing to plunge into the unknown. 

Be willing to find comfort in the discomfort. 

Be willing to challenge your assumptions of strength, grace, & control. 

Be willing to surrender, in order to discover a new kind of power. 

Be willing to fail and try again. 

Be willing to allow yourself successes. 

Be willing to be vulnerable in order to heal. 

Be willing to be free.

Be willing to come home.


Together, we will

sink into the luxury of our own skin; 

listen to body wisdom as it teaches us how to move;

express honestly and confront our challenges;

let our questions give rise to more questions.

This is the journey of Being.

Amy Baumgarten