Movement Approach


"The clarity of the imagination and the clarity of one's experience are totally intertwined."

— Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

HomeBody weaves a combination of somatic practices into each of your personalized lessons.


Somatics is an approach to bodywork and movement training that is primarily concerned with how we experience ourselves from within.


By bringing attention to our internal world as we move, we gain insight into the elusive habits that cause our injuries or create limitation.


Body Mind Centering® is an embodiment practice first created by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. It values the primary experience of the mover as the true teacher. BMC explores the relationship between body systems and their intricate network of communication and support.

Its gentle approach feeds the body’s natural healing abilities and ultimately provides an awakened restfulness. BMC utilizes vocal cues as well as hands-on facilitation to fully awaken your movement potential.


The Pilates Method is an exercise regiment that values whole-body strength and integration. To execute exercises as Joseph Pilates intended, one must connect her own inner resistance system with that of the space around her.


Yoga is an ancient Hindu spiritual practice, intended to help achieve whole-body connection. A series of postures and breathing patterns help cultivate mindful expression of the body-mind relationship.


Embodied Anatomy is a movement and visualization practice that looks at anatomy through the lived experience.  Using pictures and models as aids to help us visualize various structures, we then turn inward to our own unique physicality.  Using breath, hands-on guidance, and movement, our anatomy comes to life. This process helps us get to know and express the various parts of ourselves.


Contemporary Dance offers us a chance to tap into our wild bodies. What lies just under the surface? What would like to express itself in creative and unique ways? Dance is simply movement in flow. The Dance is what shows us where we need to go next.


Somatic Bodywork is a hands-on process during which you are guided into deep relaxation while Amy discovers your body's needs through a listening touch and gentle manipulation.  As the receiver, you will experience Amy's expertise in a wholly unique way. She follows the messages your body sends, navigating the tensions that hinder healthy movement flow.