Returning To Center:
Deep Core Training for Postpartum Recovery

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The Profound Shifts of Motherhood

Pregnancy and birth are a major events for your body, your mind, and your spirit. After the radical transformation needed to grow a baby and give birth, both your body and psyche have to find ways to reorient and adapt to the profound shifts of motherhood. 

These transformations bring great joy and growth but can also leave women feeling misaligned, uncomfortable, weak, and less mobile and energetic. Do any of these words describe how you are feeling?


Nourish * Restore * Renew

RETURNING TO CENTER is a new online course that will help you find a new orientation to you body after pregnancy and birth. You will re-align, get to know your new form, and increase your strength and resilience.

You will also integrate your new psychic reality -- motherhood -- into our practice so that you can wholly connect with the new person that you are.

In this course…

You will receive the equivalent of 6-8 one-one-one sessions that would normally cost $125 each. The material I offer will be available to you for a full year. You can come back to the exercises over and over again, as your body continues to recover and rebuild.

In your own home via this self-paced online course, you will:

  1. Learn principles that help you move and exercise safely and comfortably during the postpartum period.

  2. Restore the health and strength of your deep core after giving birth.

  3. Re-align your body after the postural shifts caused by pregnancy. 

  4. Learn 4 simple exercise sequences that you can practice at home as often as you like. These sequences will help you strengthen your deep core and move with ease and joy.


Returning To Center includes…

  • 25 short videos guiding you through exercises and explaining the changes that your body is experiencing. 

  • Illustrated guides to help you visualize your anatomy as you repair and rebuild.

  • Short, guided meditations that bolster your overall sense of calm and well-being.

  • Downloadable PDF’s so that you can learn offline when you need to.

  • Tools to self-assess the strength of your core at the beginning and the end of the course, as well as throughout, as well as instructions on how to check for and treat Diastasis Recti. 

  • A Facebook group in which you can ask me questions and connect with other women in the course that share your goals and concerns.


What Are You Waiting For?