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“When we as a society begin to value mothers as the givers and supporters of life, then we will see social change in ways that matter.”

— Ina May Gaskin

HomeBody's holistic movement coaching provides support for mamas at all stages. 

Specifically designed for women moving through the whole process of childbirth, this program offers three distinct tracks that can build upon each other or be taken individually.


Maternal Wellness programs are available as private lessons in person and online, duets, customized small groups, and community classes.


Where are you on your journey?

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I'm trying to get pregnant

Preparing your body for birth begins before the big changes that occur during pregnancy. HomeBody's intuitive approach prepares the body to receive this immense gift. Through alignment-based strength training, restorative movement and self-care techniques, this preparatory program will support your body's fertility and resilience.

In this program you will discover

  • the subtle movements of the pelvis & pelvic floor that fortify your core strength

  • how to connect the breath to abdominal strength

  • whole-body strength and whole-body relaxation techniques that will align the body without strain

  • ways you can support natural fertility

  • specific exercises that encourage strength that begins from core/pelvic floor integration

  • anatomic clarity that underlies movement clarity

  • local resources to expand your wellness network



I'm pregnant

During the 40 weeks leading up to childbirth, the body is growing and ever-changing. Learn methods for whole-body strength and resiliency that will support the body’s shifting center of gravity. This prenatal program puts an emphasis on establishing a strong self-care practice that can be taken into postpartum motherhood.

In this program you will learn

  • everyday movement sequences that will promote both strength and resilience during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

  • movements and positions for labor & birth

  • breathing techniques that encourage relaxation

  • how to use dynamic alignment to alleviate strain & pain

  • how to prepare the body for postpartum recovery and avoid common postpartum issues like Diastasis Recti

  • what's happening in your baby's development and how it plays out in your pregnant body

  • self-care techniques for home practice


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I've given birth

Very often, a woman’s focus goes from her own growing belly to the baby in her arms. Though her body needs to recover from the intensity of childbirth, little time may be available for her own care. Her wounds lay dormant as she tends her family. This program is rehabilitative in nature and intended for any and all postpartum-related complications.

In this program we will address

  • the specific needs of the postpartum body

  • any complications you've experienced to date, including Diastasis Recti

  • self-care needs as a new mother

  • at-home routines to help you stay strong and resilient while with your baby

  • local resources that will support your healing process

All of your experiences are valid. Any complications you've experienced are manageable and can be healed.

Trust yourself. Trust your body.


Mamas hold the capacity to bring new life into the world. Their bodies hold the wisdom of ancient woman who, with more or less ease, propels humanity further into the future.


It is my great pleasure to hold space for mamas and their journeys.

a note on Diastasis Recti

Dealing with Diastasis Recti (DR) is troubling for many women. It afflicts all body types, from the toughest yogis to the least flexible movers.

The question as to whether one belly has DR over another depends on several variables:

what kind of activities you did leading up to & during pregnancy

whether you've had multiple pregnancies

how your body recovered from earlier pregnancies

how the soft tissue (linea alba) of your abdomen responded to your postpartum movement


Whether dealing with extreme separation or a more moderate one, there is always an opportunity for healing. Even if it's been years since your last pregnancy, the variables that are under your control now relate to how well you integrate deep core work into your everyday movement.

A consistent reinforcement of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles will restore their elasticity and heal the linea alba that causes the separation.  Many women with a very large DR after several pregnancies increasingly get stronger AND close their abdominals with the Maternal Wellness program.

You can too.

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